Why this site?

First a explanation how this pedigree is come into existence and why!

My dad told my once about earlier, that his grandfather died at the end of 1800 in Argentine. He thought that he fell in to the water and piranhas did swallowed him. Also his grandmother was died there soon after him. They leave behind five children, but my grandfather was staing here in Holland and lived in a orphans home in Leeuwarden. Him, my grandfather, I didn't know him, he died when i was 1 year old. The four daughters where sold on a slave market in Argentine. They where engaged among diffrent masters.
oldest of the four had contacted the consul and the family in Friesland after some years, and thats why they came back here in Holland. Assistant by a Spannish salesman and the ambasy of Switserland. Later is my fathers aunt Doutzen maried with Kornelis Postma and they have lived for years in Anjum or Dokkum. I didn't remembre this but my oldest brother does. Hy was with our grandfather ther in Anjum.
This was the story such as known by me.

A girlfriend of us, is is for years busy with her pedigree and for that is she also member of a dutch association for genealogy "Gens Nostra". This association spends also regularly a sheet. Now want the chance which in this a story stood concerning failed
migrations. And that was the story of my grandfather Barteld Harmens Jansma (1845)

This tale was correct roughly with me well-known tale. But it was spoken there that my grandfather his mother had returned. (?) Therefore this was another version of the story, that i known.
So I have searched contact with the writer of that piece and this way I'm start with this research.
One came after the other. Already rapidly seems that my grandfather had been indeed was in Argentina and that he had returned with step-mother and with his step-brother Jan!  We didn't know that he was married twice!
This gave a very new view on the story! Because we did not know that my grandfather had anhother (step-) brother. And we didn't know that he was there also being in Argentine, we thought they left him here behind in the orphans home in Leeuwarden. 

By these means i start with the research and reached soon to the conclusion that my family was larger than the few Jansma's which has originated of my grandfather. His Father Barteld seem to come out of a large family of eight children. In a short time i was bak in time till in the middle of 1700. You can read there for "the History" of the Jansma's
All these dat i get it in know tome from the WWW. From a site of the municipality of Oostdongeradeel i find a lot of information. There i find 410 birth certificates. After some sort work. i could make a begin for a first pedigree. This list of certificates, i have it added (see Info & Links) This is an "Excel" file

After I had work out the data, I'm start my researche by the families in Friesland. I got of someone who was informed also of that story in "Gens Nostra" what names and addresses of Jansma's from Friesland who got also the name Eeltje. Soon proved to be that this direct family was. Furthermore this man knew that my grandfather had a step-brother and that there was still family resident in Dokkum.

By lack of time I do not reach select everything in finesse. Hence that I have started this site. With the hope that family members reads this and come with supplements. As well with family links, as well unknown data for the site, as also photograph material and short tales. Every bit is welcome and is certainly placed.

It must becomes in my vision a site which has been not only composed by me, but correctly by the family.
" A site of the family, by the family therefore!  "
Fortunately I already very an enthusiastically family has found member, whom help my also further tries. That is Broer Jansma from Lauwersoog. He knew of the family in America and by him I have come on the track of the family there around Chicago.

But there are still many missing branches which must be still completed. . . . . . . .

Maar er zijn nog veel ontbrekende takken die nog aangevuld moeten worden . . . . . . . .