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This pedigree follows mainly the family line!
Names of parents, brothers and sisters of law where usually not mentioned.

Of the relate by marriage family members the parents are sometimes called. Of the men who in-getrouwd are, sometimes the number of children which they have had, but generally no more names. However, as from the children of Eeltje-boer try I that to do, but not of that time! That comes perhaps later for the supplement, but for still because of the time not yet.


Then I mention the data of still in life am family the members only as name and no further data of addresses or e-mail addresses this guarantee the privacy.
Of several people I have those data, however. Am there interest to a certain person then want I, however,
contact with him or her on takes so that the contact can be taken by that person himself.

Same applies to photograph. It should nevertheless occur that there here and there photograph prevents then is that generally with knowledge of concerning people.
If not then I like to hear that and i will removed that. To think of combination photograph on which prevents several people.

Retrieve of photograph recover, anecdotes or documents.

Compleet farmer Eeltje Harmens (1818) "Eeltje-boer" was assumed as the beginning point, but i have now four earlier genarations more.

These I have called it more easily to be able find of tales and photograph "". His woman "" and
every next child numbered. x.1 - x.2 - x.3 - x.4 etc..
Sometimes therefore a "0a or 0b" stands that is for "married to" if he or she maried more then once ("aangetrouwd" in Dutch)
If there a "f" assists then is that for a family photograph.

Ex.: Meindert Eeltjes (1850) or my Great - grandfather Barteld Eeltjes

Thus I stand therefore under no.. : A family photograph of me the following will therefore become:

The photograph stands thus under this no. mentioned. Of most of the photograph the resolution has been reduced facilitate
thumbing between the different pages. To increase the speed this way therefore also,
There are therefore photograph with a higher resolution at me presently! If interest is I gladly send that, go for that to the contact page.


The original or by hand written documents which I have from several source, a collection documents has been made and to realise or download.
There are also two files "GED" whit the complete pedigree sits such as those now is confessed. This file is by most of the pedigree programmes to "imports". The one is the tribe of Rienk alias Richard its offspring. The other are the complete pedigree of our side and those become time also every geüpdate, in contrast to those of Rienk.

Then of it a collection is "Jansma's" which I in the Internet files have found of Oostdongeradeel. This is "XLS" file of Excel. 

Furthermore it contains a number of addresses (links) which has helped me to find these data. But also of others thei also busy with this same subject. And where our links lie. And of course a link to me!
In the overview of the actual pedigree also the codes appear which I have added. If there extra "*" (asterix) behind state wants that to say that there of that person, or photograph or other one documentation material is!


JanAlbert Jansma