Here i put some different informations together.

1.)    Website-adresses of family members who are also busy with this subject,
        but also other sites where you could found information of the Jansma's. : a Friese genealogical ver. from de Morra, theu get also information about the Jansma's. : Friesche Site of genealogy. : Sub. Dutch page for searching and place calls for genealogy. : American genealogy site where you can find also Jansma's. : a site of Wim Sels which contains also Jansma's. :
                                   Link to paintings of Jan Jansma son of Geert Jansma Veenkolooster a family site of family de Boereen from
Ther is a link to the Schiermonnikoog familie van Harmen. a site of Kees Stada over the Wadden Islands. a site with a lot of information over Argentina.

2.)     Informations to download:

GED-files:       < Jansma.GED > version 4-2-2005 : Download this latest file of this pedigree. ( r.muis dan opslaan!)
                       < Grace.GED >  : Download the file van Rienk alias Richard (0.10) his descendants in Amerika. ( r.muis dan opslaan!)

                       < Birth-Certificates> : Founded birth-certificates of Jansma's from the Friesche site, from  East & West Dongeradeel.
                                                      (a Excel file)                      ( l. mouse = open  / r. mouse = save )

3.)     The software that I use:

For a good translation :  (English >> Dutch)

MS.Excel :             for spreadsheets and birth-certificates to sort
MS.Word :            for text documents
Aldfaer :                 Dutch genealogy programm, free to download and free to use!
                                            see :|2
Paint Shop Pro :     Picture additter
MS.Outlook :         E-mail
MS.Explorer :        Netserver
MS.Frontpage :      Site software

4.)     Various:

For privacy resons you can't find e-mail adresses on this site!
But some are knowing by me, so if you like to contact them, let me know! I will act as mediotor
Do you like to be mentioned, let me know. It's also possible that I make a special e-mail adress for you,
like for example:  < >  This where be "linked" to your own adress.

5.)    Adresses:

My home adress:    JanAlbert Jansma
                              Dr. Koppiusstraat 44
                              9561 RR Ter Apel      Holland
                              Telf:  (31) 0599 58 11 18
       e-mailadress :   < > or  <>

P.s. my English is not so very well! But I hope it's understandable!