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This site is made for the family Jansma descended from Peassens and Moddergat, and later from Anjum, municipality Oostdongeradeel.

This is the farm of Eeltje Harmens (1818) on the dike of the forner Lauwerszee. Like now on the Skanserwei 10 in Anjum
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        Eeltje-Harmens                               Catharine
                    (Eeltje Boer)

First I started this pedigree with Eeltje Harmens and Catharine, but now I have 4 generations more.
Im back till 1680. But Eeltje Harmes is my earliest fotos.
Eeltje was married to Catharine Wiegers Holwerda. They farmed on this farm between 1852 and 1882.
The farm dates from around 1511 and was rebuilt after a fire in 1866.
Eeltjes father, Harmen Jans took the name "Jansma" round 1803 and probably lived in Paessens. He seems to have an outrigger there. What used to be a stopping place for horses, but also for people.
He had to take a name because Napoleon had issued a decree for that. That was then the name Jansma. Unknown or e.g. his brothers also adopted that name. At that time, five Jansma families were known in Friesland.
There is also a Jansma in Amsterdam who is working on this subject. It is therefore possible that there is another connection between them.