Wanted !

What I'm in main case want, is pictures and stories of everybody whoes are membre of this family.
I have made undoubtedly failers in the relations. It can be also that it is not complete, that there therefore people are forget.
May you find some, please let me know, so that I can improve that.

What I'm looking for is the of the daughters of Barteld Jansma (0.3)
My grandfather Eeltje (0.3.4) is a son of Barteld, he had four sisters. Of two of them, I miss every track untill now!
That are the sisters Trijntje (0.3.1) maried with Abraham Jan Suithoff, she died in 1944 inVught,
and Aaltje (0.3.2)
Hendrik Sijthoff she died in 1954 in Groningen.
Thats all I know about them, I like to have some informations about them or some pictures.

And I like to have more informations about earlier family, for excample brother or uncles or aunts of Eeltje-boer (0)

In fine, I like to have all what is is relefant to our family.
My intrest is, pictures, stories (anecdotes), but also the familyties.

Then at the underside of the photopages are some photo's, they are nameless. Who can help me?

See for my adress : Info & Links