The history of the Jansma's.

The Jansma's history starts somewhere in 1690

At that time there were probable a groop of fisherman from Denmark who alight in Moddergat, just western of Peassens. One of these fishers called probable Jan Pieters (at that time tien not Jansma!) He was fisherman and owner of a fishersboat, he lay down this in notarial file. ( i hope to get it once!) Of his father Piet is no information! Also not if he get brothers or sisters. I know of Jan that he get one child, thats Harmen Jans.

Harmen is born around 1720 and he get 2 sons and 2 daughters. his profession is unknown. Of one of his sons, Jan do i found his progeny. Jan was born arouns 1750 and get 7 children.
His first child was a daughter and born in 1778. Of Harmen (the seccond) are we the progeny. Of the other children, i don't have ther information found of it jet.

Harmen was born in 1782 and becomes a total of 13 children. One of them was called "Eeltje". Probable had Harmen in Peassens i kind of a tea-garden, to unharnes horses. Of his son Eeltje we are direct progeny, he is the one, where i get the first photographes of
Harmen takes, becaurse Naploen had ordered that, the name "Jansma" for the first time. On that moment there were five families with the name Jansma. In Lemmer, Harlingen. Ooststellingswerf en also in Oostdongeradeel. In Oostdongeradeel i found more then 400 family names of Jansma, till 1900. But it's not clear if all belongs to us. This can point to more families Jansma in Oostdongeradeel. But it's possible that there is somewhere a connection earlyer. Or its also possible that brothers of Harmen takes the same name, but there is no proof for it.


Eeltje Harmens "0" (see voor de "0" the usersguide), thats my startingpoint, there starts also the most stories. He was the thirdth Eelthe of Harmen, what shows that the firt two died. It was the first time that the name Eeltje was used, and what later every time again was be used. Also now there are still "Eeltje's" or "Eliot's" in America. The name was probable came from Eeltje Harmens mother, she was named Eelkjen Douwes

Eeltje married with Catherine Trijntje Wiechers Holwerda and they got together 12 children. Around 1870 they lived to the dike at Anjum. That farm stands there still. (to see photograph on the head page)
Eeltje were farmer and he farmed well! He was thus "lord farmer". He was hard for itself but also for its staff. If they worked not well enough, them with remunerations without pardon being sent to house and did not have return.
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Their life did not concern well, they had to endure much. In that time there the Spanish influenza dominated, but there was also discomfort in agriculture what took their toll. Furthermore were there rather what problems with the church in that time as a result of which people were expelled and for the choice were this way put or in poverty to continue or emigrate.

Several sons of Eeltje and Catharine have thus emigrated, with leaving of rather what debts. Now it was in that time this way, that a bank did not supply easely a loan you for a house or a company. For that you one needed or several guarantors for. Now Eeltje-boer were such as them Eeltje called, rather rich become. He stood thus guarantor for several of his sons. Because of this bankruptcy he has gone and is at its son Wieger later in Veenklooster must will live. (to see about that futher on)
Wyger was his second son and were will farm in Veenklooster and just like its father also well has farmed!
It badly also will be with their first son, those loved to driving Friesland as a result of which the farm, in its gig by where he was farmer in Dokkum, languished. Its father had also helped him with that farm and saw that it went not
well. For this reason he him has rented a farm on Schiermonnikoog. Eeltje had contacts with the then German baron Bestorff on Schiermonnikoog. He did evaluate regularly tasks for this man in the form of of landed estates and farms. Thus he has thus regulated a farm for their on Schiermonnikoog
This way was not possible he up to that point of house, because he lived on an island and this way was possible he improve to the farm to pay attention. He has there even kicked it to deputy mayor

But more badly it went with b.v. Barteld, Rienk and Jelle.
With Barteld wrong then 1st woman Antje Douma will be died in 1886. They had so that moment 5 children: 1 son (my grandfather) and 4 little girls. He took afterwards a house keeping in house, where he went along marry already fast, this against sense of the other family members. They a much had been seemingly discussed person. Because there was for them no more future in Anjum, to be left them to I thought Brazil, but probable they have briefly ended up afterwards in Argentina. Barteld there a type of agriculture has probably been foreman. He has had still  a 2e son there in Argentina of its 2e woman Anneke Faber  "Jan". Concerning its death there, and what there is exact further has happened has not been confessed, there are several readings concerning.
1e is what I know of my father, he has ended up in a river with piranha's and that does not have survives.
2e is that he has been assassinated by the aboriginals there.
And 3e is that they have found him dead under a tree with a sunstruck. 
Anyhow he left behind Anneke with the 5 children from its first marriage and Jan which was of their both. Anneke savage but saw again probably to no other expedient then the little girls to sell to several (slaves -) traders. This way was there operative in a hotel, but were there also that on a plantation has ended up. Because Anneke could pay travel now its, them with the two boys Eeltje and Jan has come. In the Netherlands want them remarry after short time with Ruurd de Vries yet this gave problems because she had show, that its man Barteld had died in Argentina. I weet how this has been solved but them have not later, however, married. As a result, Eeltje are, the son of Barteld and not its own son therefore, ended up in the citizen orphanage in Leeuwarden. The little girls because Trijntje have contacted with her grandfather and with the Dutch consul, returned after many depravations to Friesland. see the petitions of their, at the documents and recover. See the storie of Thea de Groot
Here also the bit from the Dockumer is find current:
  < een mislukte emigratie >

To this way far concerning Barteld.

With Rienk did not go also best, he was
local-boatman, he had a type boat carrier between Dokkum and Leeuwarden. Probably he that has done Jelle with his brother. But on a good day, or better at night they probably left with their boat to Bremerhafen in Germany, without they had informed the family. Here they have sold the boat and they left, to America. Them both have worked there in the buurt of Chicago in a factory. It were hard workers and when they had money enough, to their women have let happen them with the children of Rienk.
Jelle have remained childless I belief, but Rienk, those there Richard let call itself a complete range to offspring have got. Also the name Eeltje has continued himself there they it in American male form such as "Elliot" and as a female form such as "Eelkje"
All in all these three migrations have ensured a landslide within the family of Eeltje-boer. Eeltje were therefore guarantor for those three but also their sons, Wieger and Meindert.
Eeltje-boer had been obliged as a result, he must sell his farm and then in peat convent live at with his son Meindert. Here he has also died. Wyger and Meindert have never forgiven their other brothers that they them for the guarantor have had pay, without for that ever something to have got. Years later have paid children of the American branch a visit to their "roots". But still they were not welcome in Friesland! In spite of that it a problem was between their parents, the dissatisfaction was this way large that one did not wish their
cousins and receive cousins. One had to no receive interest for the family, those here savages, however, even as rich family show how well they had not done there in America!
However, they have been at brother Jansma, a descendant of Wyger Jansma. They are then o.a. also at the farm are of Eeltje-boer
Meanwhile we 1 or 2 generations are further and can that fortunately better relativise.

I am greatgrandchild of Barteld and have meanwhile happy contact with a descendant of Rienk, Kirk Vandenberg in the US.

Also I recently that my father Eeltje have therefore a half brother have been had in Argentina, Jan. Also with that side of the family I have looking contact, but wants go smoothly that not yet this way. Fortunately, however, with its for the those in Dokkum lives. She's called Kloosterman and is still some live for the of Jan. Jan had also still a zoon but that has childlessly died. So that the name Jansma is not continued which squares. But with the further family members of that side it wants go smoothly
not yet this way. Perhaps that this site what more reason gives because now, however, to do.
Of mevr. Kloosterman I have understood that she wipes also nothing of the history of its father and grandmother. So she knew notthing of the fact that her father had still a halfbrother and 4 halfsisters. There was sometimes concerning said that he had 2 sisters but with that
was something and for this reason they wanted no longer talk with her father. But what had been she has never blamed. Large its stupefaction thus then she was by means of me the real tale heard and that she had still reasonable more family than them suspected, More strongly still! At that moment Eeltje lived 300 meters still no enormously at her from!

To this way far in short this history.

In the chapter documents and tales, the vaster tales to person have been classified.
In that present I have thereby also "original" documents, in the form of photocopies.

For the current matter I refer to "the Logbook"

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